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If you have been a victim of crime and have been sexually assaulted our rape compensation solicitors can help you to make a no win no fee rape compensation claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. You will receive a sympathetic hearing from advisers who specialise in making claims for compensation for personal injury. If you would prefer, we can make arrangements for you to speak to a rape compensation solicitor of your own gender. Our sexual assault and rape compensation claims are completely risk free and you will not be asked to fund or finance the claim as it proceeds. There are sources of compensation for rape in addition to the CICA including :-

  • If an offender is convicted in a criminal court the Judge may order compensation to be paid by the perpetrator for personal injury and other losses. The Crown Prosecution Service will make the request in court following previous consultation with the victim. The amount that can be ordered in the court can be limited and many offenders do not pay. It is often better to rely on a rape compensation solicitor to make a criminal injury compensation claim to the CICA.

  • The offender can be sued separately by a rape compensation solicitor in the High Court or the County Court and action can be also taken in the Small Claims Court which has less formal procedures and is designed to assist the layman to take action without representation by a lawyer.

Place of Safety

If you have been a victim of crime and have been sexually assaulted or raped you should go to a place where you feel safe preferably in the company of others as soon as possible after the assault. Try to ensure that you are not left alone and seek medical help as soon as possible either at the accident and emergency department of your local hospital or at your general practitioners surgery. Examination and treatment are also usually available at the Genito Urinary Clinic at most larger hospitals, at Well Woman Clinics and at the Family Planning Clinic.


Rape can happen to anyone, young or old, black or white, female or male and the UK Government estimates that in 2004 there were almost 200,000 serious sexual assaults and almost 50,000 rapes or attempted rapes amongst both men and women. One in 20 women in the UK has been the victim of rape and almost 200 women are raped every day but only one in five attacks is reported to the police.

Report ASAP

In order for a rape compensation solicitor to succeed in a claim for damages you will need to report the incident to the Police as soon as possible If you do not want to go to the Police Station arrangements can usually be made for you to be interviewed at home. You should ensure that you keep all clothing and do not shower or bathe as you may be required to provide DNA evidence of the assault.

Drug Rape

Date rape or drug rape is a common method of operation for habitual rapists who spike a victim's drink by secretly putting a pharmaceutical drug into an alcoholic drink during a night out. One of the most commonly used drugs is Rohypnol or 'roofie' which works by sedating the victim who often appears to be very drunk with co-ordination problems. The drug is most likely to be introduced into coloured drinks such as red wine or cola to disguise it presence and the drug stays in the system for only short period of time. If drug rape is suspected it is essential to report it to the Police as soon as possible so that a urine sample can be taken before the body removes the last remnants of the drug usually within 48 hours of ingestion. Other pharmaceutical products used by rapist include GHB and Ketamine which are powerful tranquilisers and can be difficult to detect. Guidelines for safe drinking include:-

  • never leave your drink unattended
  • take your drink with you everywhere even to the toilet
  • do not consume a drink if it has been left unattended
  • do not accept a drink from anyone unless you have seen it either poured or opened
  • drinking directly from a bottle is safer than a glass which can be more easily spiked

Victim Support

Victim Support is a charity which helps over a million victims and witnesses of crime every year. Their services are free and available to everyone, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened. Victim Support is a totally independent organisation which is not part of the police or courts. They have a network of local branches staffed by experienced volunteers throughout the United Kingdom. There are separate organisation for crimes committed on residents of England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Trained volunteers at Victim Support are able to offer :-

  • someone to talk to in confidence
  • information on police and court procedures
  • links to other sources of help
  • help in dealing with other organisations
  • information about criminal injury claims (UK) and applications for insurance payments

If you have been affected by a crime can you can contact Victim Support directly for help or alternatively the Police will make contact about your case if you request them to do so.

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