Criminal injury compensation advice can be found in a number of publications from the CICA which are available from several sources including The Stationary Office which was formerly known as HMSO. Details of retail outlets carrying publications containing criminal injury compensation advice are outlined below:-

CICA, Tay House,
300 Bath Street,
Glasgow G2 4LN
Telephone: 0141 331 2726
Fax: 0141 331 2287

CICA, Morley House,
26-30 Holborn Viaduct,
London EC1A 2JQ
Telephone: 020 7842 6800
Fax: 020 7436 0804
Freephone: 0800 358 3601

TSO (The Stationery Office)
PO Box 29
General enquiries 0870 600 5522
Fax orders 0870 600 5533

TSO Shops

  • 123 Kingsway, London WC2B 6PQ
    020 7242 6393 Fax 020 7242 6394

    71 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9AZ
    0870 606 5566 Fax 0870 606 5588

    68–69 Bull Street, Birmingham B4 6AD
    0121 236 9696 Fax 0121 236 9699

    16 Arthur Street, Belfast BT1 4GD
    028 9023 8451 Fax 028 9023 5401

    9–21 Princess Street, Manchester M60 8AS
    0161 834 7201 Fax 0161 833 0634

    The Parliamentary Bookshop
    12 Bridge Street, Parliament Square,
    London SW1A 2JX
    Telephone orders 020 7219 3890
    General enquiries 020 7219 3890
    Fax orders 020 7219 3866

    The Stationery Office Oriel Bookshop
    18–19 High Street, Cardiff CF1 2BZ
    029 2039 5548 Fax 029 2038 4347



Basic Claim Information

Following an assault it is very important that you take criminal injury compensation advice from a lawyer as soon as possible. The incident should be reported to the police immediately and medical treatment should be obtained without delay. Applications can be refused if these two requirements are ignored and a few days delay may be sufficient to ensure that the claim is rejected. Applications for an award must be made to the CICA within two years of the incident that gave rise to the injury. Other time limits imposed by the CICA must be complied with as the application proceeds. Failure to comply with these time limitations may mean that the opportunity to claim an award is lost forever although the CICA does have discretion to extend time limits in certain circumstances. Any interim decisions made by a CICA case officer can be escalated and reviewed by a more senior officer. Any final decision can be sent for review to the independent Appeals Panel. If the decision of the Appeals Panel represents maladministration then the matter can be referred for consideration by The Parliamentary Ombudsman. Matters which may lead to a refusal to pay an award or a reduction of an award include failure to co-operate with the Police in the investigation and prosecution of the offender, the claimants behaviour before during or after the incident and the claimant's record of 'unspent' previous criminal convictions especially those involving offences of violence. Refusal of claims for any reason will require specialist criminal injury compensation advice to establish whether or not the rejection should be the subject of an appeal. Awards are determined by consideration of the Tariff Scheme whereby each individual injury is assigned a tariff vale within one of 25 bands ranging in value from £1,000 to £25,000. The CICA will consider a total of three separate injuries arising from one assault however the value of the second and third trauma will be discounted by 15% and 30% respectively before aggregating them to reach the value of a final award.


Specialist Solicitors

We are a specialist claims service offering criminal injury compensation advice at no cost and with no obligation. We are an independent company with no connection to the CICA. Our compensation claims are dealt with on a on a no win no fee basis and are completely risk free. You do not have to pay for any expenses or insurance as the claim proceeds. If the application is unsuccessful, for any reason whatsoever, we will not make any charge to you. If you would like us to help and guide you with free advice on the CICA tariff scheme without obligation, just phone the helpline or complete the contact form.